About Studio Chateau


Studio Chateau holds a cherished place in my heart! This is the studio where I launched my portrait photography business, the place that held space for me as I learned and practiced, took my first steps of finding and photographing clients! This is where it really began for me. Stephanie Bagley created this elegant studio. I was her mentee and loved helping her bring her vision to life.


Stephanie writes, "After going back to Paris last summer, I knew that if I was ever going to open a studio, it would be French-inspired with a lot of natural light. I wanted to bring everything I love about Paris into this studio and create an atmosphere that people would love to experience."

I feel honored to be able to carry on her legacy and open it's doors to all of you! I hope as you rent the studio you and your clients will have so much fun creating art in this beautiful space.


I can't wait to see all the wonderful magic you create here!



Emily Pearl